That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Photo Credit: Mathieu Baudet

A message from Negative Press Project's Bass Player:

It was an hour post performance and I held the glow of the New Year in a glass of top shelf Bourbon.  The liquid filled my mouth with smoke and self-loathing.  I’m no Hunter S. Thompson, in fact, I am the furthest thing from, but with 6 days into a 12+ day Finnish cold, I was aware of the fact that I would regret imbibing in the morning.  As a self-proclaimed musician (insert bass player jokes here), I admit that I am in my element when performing music.  I was fortunate to have a New Year’s Eve gig in the lodge of the Bear Valley Ski Resort with Jeff Campbell et al.  Under the snowflake chandeliers, rustic pine banisters, and black and gold balloons, nothing else mattered but the music.  Conversely, during breaks, all I could do was collapse into an elevation worn sofa and coddle my Throat Coat tea.  Basically, as a friend nearby observed, “you’re pretty great up there on the stage, but man…you kinda suck out here!”
That which does not kill us…
Happy New Year ALL!  I am super stoked to get back on stage and I am happy that Negative Press Project has a number of opportunities to share with you.  So raise a cup of hot broth, drink a shot of Elderberry-Thyme Syrup, and dose up on your immunity boosters…(I could be projecting here) or clink your glass of sparkling, and let’s get together and celebrate like it’s 2016!

Negative Press Project @The Royale, SF, Jan 9, 2016

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