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"Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While seemingly quiet, there is a lot going on around the small world of Negative Press Project (NPP).  Tony Peebles and Rafa Postel maintain a full schedule on the road with New Zealand Reggae favorite sons, Katchafire

Andrew Lion has been scheduled for East Coast tours with Jeff Campbell during the summer...well, then cancelled/postponed to a future date. 

Ruthie Dineen continues to lead a monthly residency at Studio Grand in Oakland for her project, RDL+, with Doug Lee, Steve Weems, and Luis Salcedo. 

Speaking of Luis, he is just wrapping up recording an exciting new project with Singer/Musician, Susana Pineda, called Opaluna

Michael Mitchell continues to perform and tour with Steve Lugerner's Jackie McLean tribute project, Jackknife, while preparing for upcoming tours with Natalie Cressman

Chris Sullivan has the good fortune to announce his acceptance into the USC Thornton School of Music as a TA to Bob Mintzer in pursuit of his Doctorate. 

Friend and extended family member of NPP, JJ Kirkpatrick, has tours with Orgone, and seems to pop up in every corner of LA to lift musical situations with his talents.  

Lyle Link continues to apply his versatility to the group and many other projects and performances around the area on tenor and alto saxophones, while acclimating to the San Francisco Bay Area from his native Washington D.C.....

*Pause*...take a breath.

Ok, furthermore, Andrew Lion is rebooting the On The Scene SF/O Podcast (a music interview show where Rock, Pop and Jazz intersect) with Executive Producer, Jeff Denson, co-Produced and Engineered by Matt Boudreau.  This is a program of "Ridgeway Radio Presents", part of Jeff Denson's label, education, and performance organization Ridgeway Arts.

Finally, we are pleased to announce a new iteration of Negative Press Project, the NPP Quintet.    The group has been writing for a pared down version of the group, not only as a result of schedules, but also to allow for some additional group interplay.  Both Septet and Quintet versions of the group, with distinctly different arrangements, are scheduled to perform late Summer through Fall. 

To satisfy those immediate gratification types, the Quintet has its first performance as early as this Spring!

NPP Quintet Debut @ California Jazz Conservatory, Fri, May 13, 2016

NPP Quintet Debut @ California Jazz Conservatory, Fri, May 13, 2016



NEGATIVE PRESS PROJECT continues to celebrate the release of "seeevileyes - civilize" - our first full-length studio recording (available to buy online at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or at shows..NOW!).

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